Affies Me Not

Affies Me Not is a nifty little script that lets you manage your affiliates quickly and easily. It automatically notifies you when you get a new affiliate request, and lets you quickly accept or reject affies. You can also put affiliates into the 'graveyard', where they may rest forever, or until you change them to something else. For people who like having other groups, you can also choose to set up two different groups with whatever name you'd like - such as "best friends", "sisters", "awesome people" etc. It's up to you!


  • Download the latest version of this script.
  • Support Forum. Please post any bugs, issues or questions you have about the script here.
  • Github repository. This script is availbale as an open source project on Git Hub. If you are interested in developing additional options or features for this code, please feel free to do so.

About This Project

One of the things that has always bugged me about having affiliates (or links to other sites of any type) is managing them. If a new site needs to be added, or one needs to be removed, I would need to go into my back-end code and make the changes - this got annoying fast. I decided to start this project in the summer of 2012. I had recently taught myself how to code in PHP with MySQL for the database, and it seemed appropriate.

My approach to this project was more of a code - test - google - repeat method. As I was still learning a lot about PHP coding and database management, I found myself redesigning parts of the code at a time. While it was annoying, it showed me better techniques to use when working on a project.

News and Updates

November 11th 2012: AMN has officially been released. You can download the script from here.

Aug 27th 2012: AMN is currently in Beta Testing. If you would like to test out a copy, please send an email to contact [at], and I'll send you a copy of the file.


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