Enchant Me Not

Enchant Me Not hosted my personal blog since June 24th 2010. As I learnt more about website design and development, I began writing tutorials and offering graphics (primarily in the form of premade wordpress layouts) on my site as well. As my visitor count grew, I knew I began interacting with visitors even more by hosting contests on my sites, offering prizes such as hosting, domain names or advertising space.


About This Project

This website let me really experiment with how I would want to set up a blog, offer resources, get my name out there and create a network of fellow bloggers/web designers with similar passions. I learnt a lot over the years in terms of design, aesthetics, how to use photoshop, creating youtube videos, and teaching techniques too. I've received positive feedback on all my YouTube tutorials, as well as my written tutorials on my site.

The site itself has gone through many transformations in terms of design and usability. Read through the site's about page, as well as the past layouts page to get a better understanding of how this site has grown and developed.

I plan to continue running the site, even though I don't have as much time as I would like to to dedicate towards it.

News and Updates

June 24th 2010: Enchant Me Not opens its doors!


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