Just Smile

Just Smile is a personal project for me. I have always believed in trying to be kind and helping one another, and decided I'd try and start my own little help website.


About This Project

I have big plans for this project, and as I learn more about Mobile App development, I hope to create an app that allows users to share their posts and ideas more easily. There are many other ideas in works, such as an interactive challenge, but first I need to grow the website.

I am really proud that I was able to make this website "Mobile Friendly" in that the site will format itself nicely on (most) smartphones.

If visiting the site, please note that many of the navigation links don't work, and that the site is still "under construction" so to speak. The site currently runs off wordpress, and the system that allows users to submit their own personal stories is based off a submission form plugin. My next step is to create my own management system for the site which doesn't rely on WordPress, or any other content managing software.


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