LivEpicly is a social web community that allows people to write reviews for their favorite places to go (in Jakarta), as well as make reservations for some of the partner restaurants.


About This Project

I worked at LivEpicly as a Summer Intern during the summer of 2012. It was such a wonderful and great opportunity. The offices are located in Jakarta, Indonesia, which meant I got to travel.

I learnt a lot while at LivEpicly. I had to learn how to really use PHP and MySQL properly, as well as learning how to use the ever-adapting Facebook API. I also learnt how to integrate new features into an already functioning site. I should mention that the only other programmer on the team didn't speak English, and neither did his code. This made figuring out how the site was set up a lot more fun.

I focused on their user-side login system and forum, particularly on integrating the website with Facebook, where if a person posts a review, it gets posted on Facebook, letting users automatically log on to the site if they're logged into facebook, security concerns regarding these techniques. I also gave input towards the restaurant reservation system. Finally, I worked on the client portal and registration system, controlling how a restaurant owner could set up their restaurant options, table sizes, etc.


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